embroidery threads


Yarn dyed with natural material - flowers from our local meadows, roadside, garden ...
Lace weight yarn, mix of 55% of BFL and 45% silk
weight app. 5 - 6g
app. 35 - 39 m
mini skeins (used on embroidery decoration in project bags)

Hand wash only with cool or room temperature water, be careful to avoid sudden temperature changes and do not agitate.

Care of natural dyed textiles

Naturally dyed textiles are unique products and, like any fine textile, should receive hand washing or gentle machine washing in cool water, follow by line drying.
Careful cleaning will make a textile (and dyed) last longer. Some dyes are specially sensitive to changes in pH. Mordant and some dyes are sensitive to some dry-cleaning fluids or to the use of strong alkaline soaps. Only a mild, neutral detergent should be used for washing natural dyed textiles. (J. Boutrup, C. Ellis: The art and science of natural dyes)