- how does it works - wash and dyeing

My wool is made in small amount. 

Plants are foraged  locally, in woods, on the fields, by the roads and from my allotment.

I am using also dyed extracts - which are highly concentrated powder or liquids from whole dyestuff.   

For mordant I am using allum (Aluminum potassium sulfate), occasionally i am using cooper to achieve dark shade of purple 

Washing and care

I am doing my best to rinse and wash every skein individually to remove any excess dye.

It is strongly recommended to wash any yarn or fibre in ph neutral solution, it is also recommended than ordinary dish-washing liquid (dish-washing detergent) will do the job. Water temperature shouldn't be more than 30 degree Celsius, or room temperature, cold. 

Hand wash only, (if you give it so much time to make it, some nice bath time just add to the relation)

Keep vinegar or any acid away

Any project should be lay flat to dry. 

Also try to avoid direct sun for long time. 

As any natural dye, colour will fade by the time, depends on the use and storage condition.